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Devarajan K


More than two decades of experience in the IT industry in Product & Project Management, driving product ideas from whiteboard to successful market launch.

  • As a product evangelist, he has travelled to many countries and presented to Fortune 500 clients.

  • Delivered larger-scale IT implementations and was responsible for managing products with an annual turnover of multi-million USD.

  • A leader with a passion for innovation and developing new-age AI products for various domains

  • Pioneer in PDLC, GAP analysis, AI & ML,  

  • Expert in Product Strategy, Product portfolio management, and Digital transformation

  • Skilled in Project, Team, Change, and stakeholder management

  • Adept in Operational Excellence, Solution architecture, Data analytics and governance, and Product Execution

Sahana Ramprasad


More than a decade's experience in working in Startups, Banking/Finance, Mental health and EdTech sector

  • Pioneer in Social media strategy and planning, Public Relations and Communication

  • Expert in Content creation, Content management, Blog management and maintenance

  • Skilled in managing Freelancers and MIS management

  • Adept in developing Website on WordPress and Wix

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